Join the military for your own reasons, talk to a us to find out what skills are in high-demand. Then, do research on your own to find out what fields interest you the most. You can always choose from multiple recruiting sites to see which field job seems like the best fit for you.

You must be 18 to 50 years old to join. Before you join, make sure it’s what you really want. Of course, you won’t know exactly what military life is like until you’re in the thick of it, but you can get a pretty good idea from talking to current service members.

And, remember, the service life isn’t for everyone. But it does offer some pretty fantastic benefits and opportunities that you can’t find in any other occupation. Benefits are only a small piece of reasons to go into the military, which means it’s wise to look at the whole picture of what military life would do for you.

When you join, do it for you. The long-term benefits will be far more rewarding when you make the choice to serve independently and to improve your own life.

After filling application form you will be required to verify your identity by VISA/MASTERCARD. During this process you will be charged $2 non-refundable verification fee.

You will be contacted within 24 hours to attend your local recruitment site for physical examinations and to discuss further your deployment opportunities.

Successful candidates on average joins first mission within 90-180 days period.